Five Reasons to have a photo booth at your event

Five reasons to have a photo booth at your event!

1. Entertainment! Having a photo booth at your wedding will give it a fun element for all ages to participate in and enjoy.

2. Memories! Having a guest book at your wedding is a must and adding fun photo booth pictures to it will make sure you never forget the fun time everyone had celebrating your love.

3. Socializing! The photo booth will make it easier for guests to socialize with each other without having to break the ice.

4. Keepsakes! Instead of giving your guests a non meaningful keepsake they will be able to take home memories in the form of photo booth pictures. They will always remember the fun the had at your wedding when they come across the fun photos they took at it.

5. High Tech Perks! Our photo booth in particular is very high tech, It can be customized to almost any theme and your guests can add fun animations to the photos. They can even choose how the photos are printed if they do not like the classic photo booth style. Guests will be able to make the photos completely their own and give them something to remember forever!