Introducing Reflection Photo Booth!

Introducing a photo booth like you’ve never seen!

Who’s the fairest of them all?  Well your guests are of course!

As guests walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and a voice guidance invite them to engage in a magical, interactive “selfie” experience presenting a photo keepsake.

Reflection Photo Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

A mirror photo booth is a device that looks like a large mirror you would see in any home, but the mirror surface has an LED menu on it and acts as the camera. Aesthetically, a mirror photo booth is better than other photo booths. It just looks good. When you want to impress your guests, a mirror photo booth will offer that wow factor and a glamorous focal point. The outside mirror decals can be customized to suit the event.

With a customizable workflow and layout builder, you can choose from a wide array of features to include in the interactive photo-taking experience. Looking for just one photo your guests can retake over and over again to achieve the best image? We’ve got that. Or looking for up to four quick impromptu images taken quickly for fun and spontaneous event? We’ve got that too. What about if you want a traditional 2×6 filmstrip AND options for a 4×6 photo? Yep, we’ve got you.

Choose to include voice guidance, gesture & movement detection, vibrant animations displayed on the mirror, touch screen photo-signing, colorful and fully customizable emoji stamping, social games, and a colorful photo countdown.

Check out all our options on our Information page! We’d love to entertain your guests at your next event.  And Flagstaff events, be sure and remember to ask about our special local discount!