Hottest Party Themes that Bring Out Your Creative Side

When’s the last time you went to party without a theme? Probably never!

All the best parties have some central element that ties it all together. From food to decor to music and even location, party themes not only make events fun and memorable, but also channel your creative side.

Get in full party mode with these top themes that will wow your guests and make you look like a professional party planner:

College Party Themes

Are you a student at a university or college?  Or a member of a Fraternity or Sorority? These college party themes have your name all over them:

Apocalypse Party

End of the World parties are popular among college crowds, especially when the crushing realization of student loan debt makes you feel like life is ending, not beginning. Pretend you’re zombies and deck yourselves out in dark makeup, fake blood, and tattered clothing.

Throwback Party

Pick a decade, any decade. College kids love to get crazy and experimental, so challenge them to dress for the era and know all the words to the best hits from back in the day.

80s Party Photo Booth theme

Beer Olympics

It’s like the Olympics, but with beer. Everyone comes dressed as a country and competes in beer-related games for a chance to score points.

Birthday Party Themes for Kids

When you think fun party themes, it’s easy to reminisce about your epic childhood birthday bashes. Thanks to Pinterest, parents will forever be one-upping every kid’s party they attend. Here are a few of the most creative ideas we’ve seen:

Mad Scientist Party

Little hands and minds love to stay busy, so put their skills to the test with a laboratory-style birthday party. Include fun science experiments that let them get messy and awestruck at the same time.

Hollywood Glam

Kids are big dreamers, so let them shoot for the stars with a party as famous as they are. Let them dress like world-class celebrities, roll out the red carpet, and experience a taste of the grown up life as an A-lister.

Treasure Hunt

Can’t decide between a pirate party, mermaid gala, or beach bash? Combine all of the above with a treasure hunt! Add some nautical elements, create treasure maps, and hide plastic coins in the sandbox for your little bootleggers to discover.

Birthday Party Themes for Adults

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids! Grownups deserve to have some fun, too, especially if you can transform your blessed day of birth into one of these creative events:

Gatsby Gala

Gatsby parties aren’t just for New Year’s Eve. Throw back to the Roaring 20s with flapper dresses, top hats, dance-inducing music, and all the glitz and glam you deserve.  We recommend to double the fun by making it a Bagger Vance Theme party, thereby doubling your theme fun of vintage Golf and the Great Gatsby!

Great Gatsby Template

Art Party

Channel your inner kid with an art party, where you and your guests can create paintings, collages, or even sidewalk chalk drawings. Take a picture of your collective works and prove to the world you still know how to have fun.

Movie or TV Show Theme

This one gives you as much creative freedom as you can muster. Choose your favorite movie or TV show (Game of Thrones and The Office parties are super popular right now!) and go crazy with costumes, food, and games.

Summer Party Themes

Summer party themes actually work for any time of year. Even when it’s cold out, there’s no better way to warm up than thinking you’ve stumbled upon a beach party or a sunny picnic. Here are our top picks for summer party themes to keep you cozy year-round:

Flamingo Luau

The flamingo is having a moment in the party world, and it’s easy to see why. Bright pops of pink are attention grabbing, and this tropical bird gives you warm thoughts of beaches, sun, and water.

Watermelon Gala

There’s nothing like a refreshing slice of watermelon to cool off a hot summer day. This is a super easy theme that even novice party planners can pull off with ease.

Barbie’s Dream House

For kids and adults alike, Barbie’s Dream House is a symbol of high living. Think high society, California-style for this theme, and make sure there’s a pool involved!

Mint Julep

Reminiscent of a breezy spring day in Kentucky, a Mint Julep party is refreshing if nothing else. Serve homemade mint juleps at your party and deck the halls in green, orange, and metallics for a creative effect your guests won’t be expecting.

Beach Party

Beach parties are the go-to summer theme for mass appeal. This is one you can easily do on the cheap. Just grab some beach balls, lawn flamingos, and tiki torches and you’re set for success.  And don’t think Beach Parties can only happen in the summer, check out these cute Christmas Beach templates we have for your next party!

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