How to Choose a Photo Booth Backdrop

How to Choose a Photo Booth Backdrop

Deciding to hire a photo booth for your event is the easy part. Now, you’ve got to choose the best photo booth background that will make your party pictures pop.

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Photo backdrops have come a long way. You’re not stuck with something you’re likely to find in a high school yearbook or department store studio. Get inspired with these fun, stylish options that can reflect the essence of your event:


Photo Booth Background Colors and Textures


The simplest option is to choose a single color for your photo booth background. You can use a sheet of seamless paper or a high-quality fabric that’s free of wrinkles, similar to what professional photographers use in their studios.


What color should you choose? Some people like to coordinate it with the theme of their event. For example, a Christmas party might choose a red or green backdrop. A corporate event might use one of their company colors.


Take it up a notch and add texture to your backdrop, such as sequins. Texture can add a whole new dimension to your photos, especially if you choose something like sequins that can alter the lighting.


Pattern Do’s and Don’ts


Using a patterned photo booth backdrop has become a popular choice for events, but some patterns are best avoided.


You want your people to shine, so try to avoid busy patterns like elaborate florals and high contrasting images that can distract from your star subjects. Subtle patterns and non-distracting colors usually work best.


The Step and Repeat pattern works well for branded events. These are what you’d find on a red carpet gala or other events that have corporate sponsors and needs to be well-branded.


Branded Backdrops are great for Teams and Grand Openings


It’s also important to consider what props your guests will be using in their photos. Choosing a background that’s too bright or busy means those props might not show up well in the photo.


If you’re having a tough time choosing your photo booth background, look at the photos from other events to see how they turned out.


Coordinating with a Theme


If your event has a particular theme, consider using a pattern, color, or image that reflects your event.


For example, you might order a custom photo booth backdrop that says “Congratulations” for a graduation party. Or if you’re bringing the photo booth to your business event, you might add your logo or company tagline to your backdrop.


Whether you’re hosting a luau, birthday party, wedding, New Year’s Eve party, or other event, the only limits are your own imagination.


Using a Green Screen


Green screens are highly desirable options because you can customize it to your exact specifications.


Green screens allow you to drop any image, pattern, or color into your photo’s background. Users take their photo as normal, then apply whatever background they desire to the green areas. It sounds complicated, but technology has come a long way and the process only takes a few seconds.


Your imagination is the only limitation with a green screen


Every photo can be customized to your guests’ desires, giving you the ideal solution if you can’t settle on just one backdrop. It’s like magic, except it’s real!


Stick with White


It sounds boring, but many people prefer to stick with a plain white backdrop for many reasons. For starters, a white canvas acts as a blank slate for users to dress up their photos on their own. It’s clean and crisp, so you never have to worry about clothing or props clashing with the background.


In today’s era of SnapChat and Instagram, many users like the option of adding their own customizations to their photos, and this is easy to do when you don’t have lots of background noise.


Reflection Photo Booth lets users customize their photos on-screen with our advanced touchscreen technology. You can add text, doodles, and other embellishments directly to your photos before you print, save, or share them. With a plain white backdrop, the sky is the limit when it comes to jazzing up your party photos!


Opt for a Custom Solution


A custom photo booth background might be the best solution if you feel overwhelmed by all the options. Going custom lets you focus on the look and vibe you really want without anything clouding your vision. Need some inspiration? We offer custom photo booth backdrops for your event!


Your custom solution can be as simple as a color, pattern, or texture, or it could be as large-scale as an image or unique artwork designed specifically for your event. This way, you get exactly what you want from your photo booth experience.


Bonus: Photo Booth Background Setup Tips


Once you order a photo booth and backdrop, don’t just hope for the best! Consider the following setup tips to ensure every photo is one worth treasuring:


Location matters! Set up your photo booth near a high-traffic area where people are likely to notice it, but not in a place where a line will become a nuisance.


Keep your props organized. Make it easy for guests to grab a prop and have fun, but also make it easy for them to put them back where they belong so props don’t get lost or broken.


Plan for enough time. Reflection Photo Booth is a big hit at every event, and people will want to make sure they get their turn. Make sure you book enough time so your guests don’t leave disappointed.


Ready to start planning your next event? Contact Reflection Photo Booth today for your Sedona or Flagstaff party to give your guests a standout experience!