Is a Photo Booth Right for Your Event

You might be wondering if your party, wedding, or etc. should have a photo booth. Here are some things to consider for your type of event. 

Wedding: A wedding is a great place to have a photo booth if you are looking for a fun activity for your guests. Not only does our photo booth act as a time consumer but it also provides great wedding favors! Letting your guests take home fun photos from the wedding gives them a little memory since they might not be in all of your professional photos. 

Birthday Party: Depending on the age of the guests and the theme of the party a photo booth can be a great addition. Children always have a great time interacting with a photo booth but if they are too young it can become a bit chaotic. I would not recommend having a photo booth for a child’s birthday if they are under the age of five. For adults a photo booth can be fun to have for memories from the party as well as a fun activity.
Work Party/Corporate Event: When trying to decide if you want a photobooth at your work party or corporate event ask yourself these 2 questions. Do you want to keep your guests mingling and entertained? A photo booth can act as a point of commonality at the event and allow people to share a common experience and mingle with each other. It can help open people up to start networking or even just letting fellow coworkers get to know each other better.  Do you want to share fun photos on social media of the event? The Reflection Photo Booth allows guests to text their photos to themselves right after the picture has been taken. This will allow guests to post to social media during the event showing people how much fun they are having.
What do you think, is a photo booth right for your event? If you have questions about a photo booth being right for your event do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to help.