Reflection Photo Booth is the VIP Every Party Needs!

Forget about props and bad lighting: Reflection Photo Booth is the best thing to happen to photo booths to date, and the results are every bit as magical as you’d expect.

Reflection Photo Booth photo booths are the VIP at Sedona and Flagstaff parties, weddings, and other events. It’s the most interactive photo experience since the selfie, adding fun and fantasy to your party – and it’s guaranteed to be a hit!

What is the Reflection Photo Booth?

The Reflection Photo Booth isn’t your average mirror. It’s a complete photo booth experience in a single tidy package – including the camera. Our five-foot mirror is actually an interactive screen that allows users to customize their photos with messages, doodles, animations, and other elements for one of a kind results.

The magic behind the mirror is a powerful software with voice interaction technology and movement detection. As guests walk up to the mirror, they’re greeted with a vibrant screen and easy to follow directions on how to start taking fun photos they’ll want to keep for life.

Bottom line: Reflection Photo Booth is the ultimate selfie experience that helps users create unique photos they can print, save, and share.

Sign and Text your photo for social media fun!

What Makes Reflection Photo Booth Photo Booth So Special?

If you’re looking to add something fun, unique, engaging, and special to your party, Reflection Photo Booth checks every box.

For starters, Reflection Photo Booth is a complete photo booth experience in one neat, shiny, compact design. The booth contains a built-in high-resolution DSLR camera to capture everybody’s best side. The mirror itself is a full-length display that allows you and all your friends to get into the same shot – no selfie stick necessary. It also has its own professional lighting system built in so every shot looks polished, professional, and perfect.

Reflection Photo Booth is one of the best examples of today’s AI technology advancements. The smooth interface and user-friendly workflows communicate with guests via voice activation, motion detection, and touchscreen features. The fun starts the moment your guests walk up to the mirror – all you have to do next is follow the directions and get the party started.

From small birthday parties to corporate events and even the red carpet in Hollywood, Reflection Photo Booth turns every guest into a star. You can create Instagram-worthy photos, videos, and memories in an instant, then share them with the world!

And most importantly for event coordinators and party hosts, Reflection Photo Booth can be set up and running within minutes. Wheel it in, give it power, and turn it on – that’s it!

Reflection Photo Booth will be the most unique element at your event, giving you something new and exciting to offer your guests and make your party worth remembering! Guests who have already experienced the magic agree it’s a must-do at every function, and no other photo booth can compare.

Interactive and easy to use!

How Does Reflection Photo Booth Work?

The Reflection Photo Booth photo booth looks sophisticated, but it’s actually quite simple to use:

Step 1: Start Your Photo Shoot

Just walk up to the photo booth to begin. You’ll hear an audio greeting and will see instructions appear on the screen that takes the guesswork out of the process.

Step 2: Choose Your Prop

Reflection Photo Booth includes real props to enhance your photos. Hats, glasses, signs, accessories – anything goes! Or, you can choose from a variety of virtual props and embellishments from the Reflection Photo Booth screen. Every photo gives you the best of both worlds!

Step 3: Strike a Pose

Get into position – the countdown clock will appear on the screen so you can strike the perfect pose. And since you’re standing in front of the mirror, you can see exactly what your photo will look like (something regular photo booths just can’t compete with!). This means fewer retakes and more photos!

Step 4: Customize Your Photo

Use the interactive touchscreen to add whimsy to your photos. Choose from over 250+ stamps, pictures, or animations for all occasions, or create your own doodle, write a message, whatever makes your photo as unique as you are. You can also upload your own animations or images, perfect for a branded or corporate event. The only limit is your own creativity!

Step 5: Print Photos or Send to Your Mobile Phone

Now for the best part – deciding what to do with your final product! Once you’ve tailored your photo to your liking, you can either print it to take home with you or send it directly to your mobile device. Take multiple photos to print in a custom photo strip or print them one by one to add to your scrapbook.

Sending them to your mobile phone helps you share them with ease. Upload them directly to Facebook or Instagram to give your party the star power it deserves.

Reflection Photo Booth is More than a Photo Booth

Reflection Photo Booth’s photo features are attractive, but they’re not the only thing that will have your guests clamoring for more. Reflection Photo Booth also comes with interactive games that users can play on its touchscreen, like Tic Tac Toe, Pong, Connect 4, and the fan-favorite Screaming Contest. It can also support your own games and apps to make your party even more unforgettable.

The photo booth can record and save videos and GIFs to give you more creative freedom. Send it to your email so you can share them directly to your social media channels.

It’s Like Magic, but Real!

Reflection Photo Booth is the magic mirror you’ve been waiting for. Invite it to your next party and see where your creativity takes you.

Reflection Photo Booth services the Flagstaff and Sedona areas with a full-service Reflection Photo Booth photo booth experience. We handle setup, breakdown, and testing to ensure your guests get a fun experience without the hassle. You bring the party, and we bring the fun!

Reach out today for a free quote and turn your next event into a magical experience to remember!