Top 5 Los Angeles California Trendy Venues

Los Angeles Photo Booth at a trendy Los Angeles venue

Choosing your venue is just as important as preparing the menu or hosting a program—it’s what makes or breaks your party! The perfect venue will hype up your guests making them want to take photos, engage in party games, and just dance all night long. Meanwhile, a poor venue will just make them want to leave ASAP and keep a mental note never to accept party invites from you ever again.

With so many things to consider when hosting a party, it is tempting to book a reservation for the very first venue you find. Don’t give in! Doing so is like setting up your entire event for failure. Make the extra effort to find the venue that fits your theme, accommodates all your guests, and has enough space and aesthetic-value for photo opportunities.

But how do you find the perfect venue? First, narrow down your options by choosing the location. Do you want it in a quiet countryside? Or in a bustling roaring city? If you ask us, we say no one parties harder like they do in LA!

Why LA is the Perfect Place for Your Events & Special Occasions

Los Angeles lives up to its name as the entertainment capital of the world. The city attracts more than 50 million visitors annually who crave its beaches, unique cuisine, Instagram-worthy Hollywood attractions, and celebrity-grade nightlife.

Host your event in the top party central of the world and your guests are sure to never forget you as the best party host ever. LA is the perfect location to choose your party venues because the city itself hypes up your guests before the event even begins. With an already-excited crowd ready to party, nothing you do will break the party animal in them.

People come to Los Angeles to have a good time. And that’s exactly the mood you set for your guests once you decide to have a LA as the place for your event.

But of course, you want to crank things up right? Then don’t forget to add one of the trendiest party gimmicks of all time—a photo booth! No, not those outdated photo booths with flimsy set-ups and cheesy props. We’re talking about the latest trend in event hosting and that’s the Reflection Mirror Photo Booth!

Top 5 Los Angeles California Trendy Venues

So you’re in LA, but where to start finding the perfect event venue? With so many options left and right, it can be so easy to land into one that leads to a party disaster.

Don’t worry because below is a list of the top trendiest venues in California, LA. You’re sure to find one that suits your theme plus enough space for a mirror photo booth set-up!

Here are five venues your Los Angeles photo booth will be perfect in:

  1. Vertigo Event Venue

Previously the Verdugo Hills Country Club, Vertigo Event Venue is a contemporary space in Los Angeles perfect for all kinds of events from formal banquets to wild parties. It offers four spaces: a ballroom, banquet hall, lobby, and bar. You can choose which space fits your event best. Also, you can fully customize the event space since its monotonous color scheme matches with any party decorations you want to bring into the place.

The Vertigo Event Venue is an indoor spot that’s perfect for setting up trendy party gimmicks like a mobile bar, or an interactive mirror photo booth. Your guests can take turns taking photo keepsakes of the event without worrying about the rain or snow.

  1. The Valentine

If you have a taste for something more rustic and laid back, then the Valentine might just be the perfect venue for you. It is an indoor venue, but you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors from the inside too. It boasts of its huge skylight and large entrances that welcome the natural light and fresh air. With its industrial architecture mixed with an open concept, you can customize the party space to your heart’s content.

Its massive 9,000 square feet of event space can accommodate up to 750 people plus extra space to set up a trendy Los Angeles photo booth.

  1. Hudson Loft

For forward-thinking events such as art shows, brand launchings, or networking parties, the Hudson Loft is such a steal. It’s just a few blocks away from the Staples Center and has 3,600 square feet of event space divided into four lofts. The architectural design is a floor-to-ceiling factory-style loft that features a breathtaking panoramic view of the Los Angeles skyline.

It is perfect for both day and night events with large indoor space that makes setting up a Los Angeles photo booth not a problem at all.

  1. Atlantis Banquet Hall

Is your middle name fancy? Then this Atlantis Banquet Hall is a luxurious party venue that might just satisfy your fancy pants. Located in a historic building, it features sculptures from local artists and an indoor garden that’s fitting to its dainty ambiance. It also offers in-house catering, so it’s got everything you need food-wise already. The venue is perfect for banquets, galas, fundraising events, and weddings.

Its massive fully customizable ballroom space can accommodate hundreds of dance-loving guests and a trendy mirror photo booth that everyone will rave about for weeks.

  1. Carondelet House

Don’t fret yet if the last four venues didn’t suit your taste because the Carondelet House might just be the one that quenches your vintage-loving old soul. Built in 1928, the Carondelet House is a villa that offers Italy’s beautiful ambiance in the heart of Los Angeles. Nearly a century later, this venue still preserved its history thanks to its brick walls, high beamed ceilings, hardwood floors, two exterior courtyards, and expansive rooms.

This venue is the epitome of picture-perfect, and you can’t afford not to offer your guests a chance to take high-quality photo keepsakes for themselves with a Los Angeles photo booth.

Make Your Events Extra Special with LA’s Premier Mirror Photo Booth

Good for you for completing party hosting milestones in settling on a venue, menu, and date. But are you sure that’s all you need to keep your party alive throughout the night? Would you want your guests to sit for hours through a boring program? Crank your event up a notch with LA’s Premier Mirror Photo Booth!

It takes Los Angeles photo booth to a whole new level. Traditional photo booths make your guests wear silly hats and a photographer snaps photos of them. But a mirror photo booth makes this experience more fun and interactive, so your guests will walk away with more than just a photo in their hands.  They’ll walk away with a memory.

Guests can fully customize their selfie experience as the Reflection Photo Booth allows them to select how they want to take the photo, add emojis, or even sign their names at the bottom. And the best part is that it is as simple as walking up to the mirror and letting the voice automation guide you through the picture-taking process.

No matter the event, it’s no secret that a photo booth ties the entire experience for everyone. The memories frozen in time captured instills are truly priceless. Don’t compromise this party essential, and go for LA’s top premier photo booth!